Tuesday, December 13, 2005

North Flood

from inq7.net: Floods, landslides isolate 3 Aurora towns . Strong monsoon rains over Aurora province since Monday have triggered landslides and caused rivers to overflow, isolating three northern towns here, reports from local officials said. read more.

Old news: 600-km ecotourism trail under way in the Sierra Madre. "The Sierra Madre Mountains, the country's longest mountain range and one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, is being primed to become the top ecohistorical tourism destination in the Philippines."

"One such place is the Baler-Palanan trail whose coastline is noted for waves ideal for surfing."


Mmm... i wonder if the logging concessions along Sierra Madre will be included in the package.


Anonymous said...

UPDATE ON THE SIERRA MADRE TRAIL PROPOSAL: The Provincial Tourism Office has proposed that further consultations be conducted by the main proponent of the project, Miriam PEACE, with local stakeholders i.e, the Provincial Government and the municipal LGUs. Based on initial presentations, this is going to be a very big project with a lot of environmental and socio-cultural implications. For one, opening up Aurora's portion of the Sierra Madre and connecting it to heavily denuded portions stretching from Cagayan to Quezon can do more harm than good if not properly handled. Based on our consultations with project insiders, a concrete operations and management plan for the project has yet to be drafted, and the main thrust is largely on marketing and promotions. On the side of the province, there are no PAMBs or any other regulating bodies operating w/in areas where the Trail will pass. Until a comprehensive plan that would address these concerns is in place, the Provincial Government is restrained from fully taking part in said initiative.


Anonymous said...

Mabuti naman at may mga tao na palang nasagot dito galing sa provincial office. Iyong mga nasa town level...Baler, San Luis, Dipaculao etc, may nagbabasa kaya dito? Mabuti iyong may communication ang mga officials at voters. Internet ang pinaka mabilis at effective ngayon.

Anonymous said...

Iyan ang sisira sa Sierra Madre, all in the name of TOURISM...

Anonymous said...

Smoke-screen lang ata iyan para ma-logging ang Sierra Madre. Sasabihin lang nila, gagawa kunwari ng daan tapus, iyun putol dito, putol duon.