Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Elevated Alert

Baler is now on elevated status with regards to floodings. Two days of non-stop rains caused the swelling of the Kinalapan ang Aguang rivers. Local radio stations are reporting minor floodings in Pingit, Sitio Pulo in Zabali and othet parts of the town. Local government disaster agencies are now in action and advising residents in low lying areas to evacuate while it is still daytime and the waters are still low. Road to Casiguran and other northern towns are closed and passengers are stranded at the Baler Sports Complex. There's an unverified news that a passenger jeepney on the way to Casiguran was covered with landslide. No news yet if the Baler-Bongabong and Canili-Pantabangan roads are still passable. There's still electricity and the rain is still going on.

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