Friday, November 26, 2004

Update . World Vision prepares typhoon relief response . As the storm devastation mounted in the province of Aurora, located northeast of Luzon, World Vision's regional team led by Food Security Coordinator Cesar Bautista geared up for relief operations to help victims. 'Unding', 'Violeta' death toll reaches 87. ... It was earlier reported the President would visit Bicol and Aurora provinces, but Secretary Corazon "Dinky" Soliman has announced the trip to Baler may be ...

Thursday, November 25, 2004

More News

from 2 TYPHOONS Violent 'Violeta,' 'Unding' leave 171 dead or missing.

Aurora deaths

The death toll in the flashfloods and landslides spawned by Violeta in at least three towns in Aurora rose to 24. Officials have declared the province under a state of calamity.

Mayor Jaime Ylarde of Dingalan town said the number of fatalities was expected to increase as more bodies pinned by logs and debris were being recovered on Wednesday in his town.

Board Member Sherwin Taay said the provincial board declared Aurora under a state of calamity.

The fatality count rose after the four Dingalan victims who were taken to a hospital in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija province, died on Tuesday night, Ylarde said. At least two more bodies were recovered in the town on Wednesday.

Worst hit

Aurora Governor Bellaflor Angara-Castillo said the initial list showed that at least 18 people -- 15 in Dingalan, two in Ma. Aurora town and one in San Luis town -- died.

Reports said more than 4,000 people had sought refuge at the Dingalan municipal hall, elementary and high school buildings and churches.

Except for the worst hit village of Paltik, electricity had been restored in Dingalan's 11 villages on Tuesday night, Ylarde said.

The only road linking Dingalan to Nueva Ecija remained blocked by rocks and soil, but personnel of the Department of Public Works and Highways began clearing the debris.

The municipal board placed the town under a state of calamity.

Illegal logging

Officials of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Central Luzon blamed massive deforestation and illegal logging in the town for the flashfloods and landslides.

Regidor de Leon, DENR regional executive director, said a case for illegal logging had been filed against Jackson Padiernos on Sept. 26, 2001. Padiernos is a son of former Dingalan Mayor Zenaida Padiernos.

De Leon said a court in Cabanatuan had denied the younger Padiernos' motion to dismiss the case.

The DENR seized Padiernos' truck and its cargo of 11,155.31 board feet of lumber when he could not show permits for tree cutting and hauling, De Leon said.

But Padiernos' sister, Dingalan councilor Mahalla Cabanquil, said her brother was only an accessory in the case. The prime suspect, Cabanquil said, was a certain Gatdula.

De Leon said the DENR had not issued a timber licensing agreement, an integrated forestry management agreement or other permits in Dingalan.

The environmental watchdog Multi-Sectoral Group of Aurora stepped up calls for a total log ban in the province.

"In Tuesday's incident, Mother Nature spoke to us. The plunder of the forests must be stopped. It has gotten to a point when lives are killed and are always put in peril," said Joey Estriber, MSAG secretary.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Flood Update

from Scores dead or missing after ‘Unding,’ ‘Violeta’ . Public works crews went about the slow task of clearing roads cut off by landslides and restoring power and telecommunications facilities in Aurora and Nueva Ecija provinces a day after a tropical depression brought death and destruction to the two northern provinces.


Here are some internet reports about the typhoon and flash floods that hit Aurora. I will tell my story later. We're okay here. There's still no electricity and i was able to post this because we have a generator here where i work:

from inquirer: New storm lashes Aurora; 18 killed. Reports from Aurora Gov. Bellaflor Angara-Castillo said 15 people were killed in Barangay Paltik in Dingalan. The other towns affected were Ma. Aurora and Baler, the capital. Eighteen people were reported killed on Tuesday in flash floods that struck three towns in Aurora province at the height of Typhoon "Violeta," reports reaching the provincial disaster coordinating council said.

from Manila Bulletin:
‘Violeta’ follows ‘Unding’; death toll rises to 65. Tropical depression “Violeta” hit Aurora province yesterday, killing 16, on the heels of typhoon “Unding” which left 49 dead, for a total of 65 deaths from the two storms which hit the country in close succession.

from Philippine Star. Flashfloods kill 16 in Aurora. Violeta (international code Merbok) crashed into the east coast of Luzon, just days after Typhoon "Unding" left 29 dead. The storm dumped heavy rains that unleashed flashfloods, sweeping away residents and homes in the towns of Dingalan and San Luis in Aurora. Some 2,000 families were forced to flee to evacuation centers, the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) said.

from abs-cbn news.
17 reported dead in Aurora flash flood. At least 17 people were reported dead due to flash floods and a landslide that hit some towns in Aurora Province about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, DZMM reported. The report said the sudden rise of water, brought by torrential rains due to Typhoon Unding, has swept away a still-unconfirmed number of people.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Friday, November 12, 2004


The United States vs Manuel Querijero, et al. from

Nicolas Galledos, a witness for the Government, testified that in the months of May and June, 1898, while, he, in company with Lucio Quezon, Pedro Quezon, and Serviliano Gomez, were coming from Nueva Ecija to Baler, in the Province of Tayabas, with certain effects which they had bought in San Isidro, they were attacked by a band of armed men under the leadership of Sergeant Carias. In the attacking party were the two appellants. They were taken toward the Malupa River, the property which they had was taken from them, and they were all released except Lucio Quezon and Pedro Quezon, father and son. The attack took place in Baler, where most of the parties lived. A few days afterwards news was received in Baler that Pedro Quezon and Lucio Quezon had been killed by the two appellants. The witness was asked if the persons in the attacking party were agents of the Government, policemen, or soldiers, and answered, no, they were private persons, but that Sergeant Carias had been a sergeant of the civil guard.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Akaw Bloggers

i-write-here by teng. About her trying to stay thin and eventually disappear.
irwinpulp. Mostly song lyrics
balisawsaw by Tikbalang. About eating sandwich without the bread.
meltedsakebottles. by me. My onlike bookmark.

Anymore out there?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Akaw Invasion!

The lineup:

ORGASM ADDICTS - One of the homebands of the Manila-based music collective called In Diss Corner. Regularly plays in different rock digs in and out of Manila, Mayrics, Freedom Bar etc. They have an EP and currently working on their first album. NU107 plays their originals. AKAW connection: Raygan or Kangker or Conquer, a pure Balerian in the Palispis vein formed the band with his friends after his Baler-inspired and Music Museum-regular band Bhonog Fever dissolved.

PENTAVIA - Pentavia formerly known as soultribe was formed on the eve of the millennium. It is composed of Chico Gonzales on Drums, Andrei Agulto on Bass, Jesse and Joks Reyes on guitars while Vlad Pullarca does the vocals. Pentavia was coined as the groups name because of their vision of flight, they were five hungry souls yearning to fly combined with shrieking guitar riffs and pounding drum beats which filled their moods, Pentavia was born. Pentavia means five in flight or five wings symbolizing man’s limitless boundaries. Akaw connection: Rambo or Boyet de Guzman usually sits-in as the drummer.

GINGER - Ginger is the new incarnation of Baler's "most popular" band Badfish. Plays reggae and ska covers and originals in vein with their guitarist's surfing inclination. Akaw connection: 100% pure Akaw, Alvin Morada on vocals, surfing champ Okoy Rojo on lead guitar, skate boi Toytoy PorqueriƱo on rhythm, G.A. Francia on bass and Robert Flores on Drums.

ENSLAVE - the band formerly known as 13th Underground, formerly known as Underground Chicken Sound. The winner of the My Generation 3 song competition. These kids, some of them are still technically young enough to legally drink beer, are infected with hardcore music. They have been playing since first year high school and are now using their college spare time honing their musical skills. Akaw connection: Most or all members are from Baler.

BHONOG FEVER - 90's almost famous band composed of three Balerians and one San Luis dude, they made a career out of Eric Friginal's old compositions. Used to play at Freedom Bar and Music Museum. Original songs used Baler stories and words and usually referenced Baler legends like Tata Penong, Tantul and Pitimini. They disbanded before CD-burner became popular relagating their originals to molding cassette tapes and into oblivion. This gig will be their comeback act.

KWAK-KWAK - Chosen because of longevity and their persistence not to change probably one of the baddest band names in the history of music. Composed of college students from ASCOT and MCC. The band is into hardcore music. Fronted by Ino Guerrero.

This gig is a tribute to all Baler bands and musicians who almost made it especially to Pinoytubo, who managed to release an album during the rock explosion of the 90's. Unfortunately their music was too far ahead of their times (insert sarcastic giggle here), and to Boyboy Ferreras, still the best guitarist in Aurora, who had his fifteen minutes of fame when he became the guitarist of April Boys Bingo and Jimmy.

See you on November 19!!

Monday, November 08, 2004

In the meantime...

In the meantime, try this website. It's about Baler, as experienced by foreigners. Great pictures. "He's German, I'm Brazilian, we met in Spain.. and now we're here in the Philippines" that's Julia giving us a geography lesson.