Friday, December 16, 2005

Attention Amazon Users

The BB website stats reveals that more than 40% of its visitors are from North America. If you're one those visitors, this message is for you. If you're into online shopping and uses, you can help Batangbaler by using the newly installed Amazon searcbox on the right sidebar instead of going directly to the site. By using the searchbox, a small percentage of the price of the item you buy on Amazon will go to Batangbaler (ranges from 4% to 7% of the gross price). This way you can help BB earn some income for use on the website expenses and to buy beer and pulutan for the webmaster (that's me). I also included some recommended products on the lower part of the sidebar. Most of them are Baler and Philippine related. I will change them occasionally and you can purchase one if you're interested. I will also put recommended products directly on my posts. Like this:

I can't believe that Weng-Wengs's movie is available on Amazon. Weng-Weng was my Favorite when I was in elementary, and this movie predates Mini-me and Austin Powers by a good two decades. Here's a take from my new favorite blog: "For your Height Only is classic camp: so bad, it’s good. Dr. Van Curler, the inventor of the N-Bomb, is kidnapped by syndicate ringleader Mr. Giant. Agent double O (Weng Weng) is assigned to save the scientist, and the world, from doom. He is aided by the voluptuous Irma Alegre, who gets killed in the cross fire. There are lots of derivative gadgets and gizmos copied from James Bond flicks but this is more ingenious. They attach an empty can of mini-fire extinguisher to Weng Weng’s body as a personal propeller rocket, and turn a cheap black Bumbay umbrella into a parachute. If Bruce Lee is famous for his flying kick, Weng Weng has his four foot-kick that directly targets the opponent’s groin."

I'm putting this DVD on my wishlist.

Ay syempre, wag kalilimutang pindutin at bisitahin ang mga patalastas sa itaas at ibaba ng batangbaler. Makakatulong din kayo sa fundraising ni kidlat (ako) pag ginawa ninyo ito. (Tinagalog ko dahil bawal mag promote na kagaya nito he he he).

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat!


Anonymous said...

bok yung redux mo bigay na lang sa yo ni utol.papanoorin ko muna hehe.


Anonymous said...

ay yung sa google at western union dati, tuluy pa rin? W.U. ang palagi kung ginagamit kaya nabalik pa ako sa lumang page ng BB para makapasok. wala tang W. U at google sa bago mong blog ay.

Kidlat said...

Yung advertisement bago yung newest post ay google ads. May naiipun din po aku duun pag may nag-click. Pag minsan $0.01 cents pag minsan $0.50. Minsan pa lang akong nakatanggap ng check sa google, after three years, pwede na ring pambili ng isang kabang bigas :-). Yung Western Union, discontinued na yung affiliate program nila kaya di ko na nilagay.

Pag sinipag ibabalik ko yung google search.