Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Aurora Travel Journal - In German

This looks like a great read - if you know German. It's an account of a travel or expedition in Dinalungan and Baler. the pictures are great, just click on them to open the bigger versions.

If you really want to read it, these tranlation websites might be useful: babelfish (just copy the url or web address of the site and choose German to English translation. It translated the entire page and the resulting English version is understandable but hard to read.). Google translate (do the same step as babelfish. I think this tool translates better but it only translated the first two paragraphs of the page. Check out the Google english version of the website.)


Anonymous said...

De baga pinaghihinalaang mga NPA daw yung mga taga BATARIS?

Anonymous said...

parang mali yung comment, dapat yata dun sa unang blog.