Sunday, December 18, 2005

Law and Order

Some Aurora related legal cases:

People vs Silva: "That on September 3, 1996 at around 10:00 o’clock in the evening, purposely sought to better accomplish their criminal design, at Sitio Diaboyo, Barangay Ditumabo, San Luis, Aurora, Philippines, and within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, the said accused, conspiring and confederating together and helping one another, with intent to kill and with treachery and evident premeditation and use of superior strength, did then and there willfully, unlawfully and feloniously attack, assault and use personal violence upon the person of one Manuel Ceriales after abducting him and his brother Edmund Ceriales and while his feet were both tied with a rope and his hands tied at his back, by stabbing and beheading him causing his instantaneous death; that the accused also commenced the commission of the crime of murder upon the person of Edmund Ceriales directly by overt acts by also tying his two feet and his hands at his back with intent to kill, but the said accused did not perform all the acts of execution which should have produced the crime of Murder as a consequence, by reason of causes other than their own spontaneous desistance, that is, said Edmund Ceriales was able to escape while the accused were about to kill his brother Manuel Ceriales." read more.

G.R. No. 160341: "On April 16, 1997, petitioner Exequiel Senoja, Fidel Senoja, Jose Calica, and Miguel Lumasac were drinking gin in the hut of Crisanto Reguyal in Barangay Zarah, San Luis, Aurora. An angry Leon Lumasac suddenly arrived at the said place, holding a bolo in his right hand and looking for his brother Miguel. Petitioner and Jose tried to pacify Leon. But when petitioner approached Leon, the latter tried to hack him so he embraced Leon and Jose took Leon’s bolo." read more.

Ubongen vs Ubongen: "According to the complainant, the respondent was legally married to Dionisio F. Dela Cruz. She thereafter contracted a subsequent marriage with one Benjamin N. Ubongen on August 18, 1993 knowing that the latter was married to Ruth Notada Ubongen with seven children. The complainant added that the entire community where she resides was aware that she lived with Dionisio F. Dela Cruz in a single abode prior to the celebration of her second marriage. The complainant prayed that the respondent be preventively suspended and thereafter dismissed from the service “with prejudice,” and attached the respective marriage contracts alluded to." read more.

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