Monday, November 14, 2005

Whats New?

I finally had 1 hour of free time and I used it to add some features in Batangbaler:

  • Barangay Batangbaler. I created a blog for everyone. Great webspace to put pictures, post news, stories and anything you want as long as they're wholesome. To post just go to and use this username: barangaybb, the password is pelisyokin. Once you're in the dashboard, just select the Barangay Batangbaler blog and Create a Post. Give it a try!
  • Balerspeak. The redesigned Puntung Baler website. It's a wiki so everyone is free to add, edit, alter, and delete items on it. To log-in, just go to the login page and use this username: balerspeak. The password is pelisyokin.
  • The Shoutbox. I also added a shoutbox near the bottom of the sidebar of the website for quick shoutouts or messages to your kababayans or anyone browsing the site.
  • Flickr. I also updated my flickr page. I got some selected pictures posted on BB, photoshopped them and posted large-sized versions for your copying, printing, and wallpapering pleasure. All pictures are free for personal use. If you're planning to make money out of them, you should ask for my permission so that we can share the loot. Check it out.
  • The Yahoo Messenger notification. The icon just below my profile tells if i'm online or offline . If it's online, you can click it to send personal message or to chat with me.
  • I also added my picture (taken 10 years ago) and a counter - so BB averages 200 - 250 visits per day. Not bad.
  • My wishlist. See what i'm drooling for.
  • And finally, BB now accepts advertisements. If you have a business that you want to advertise - like Boris Travel, BB's first client - you can contact me. Batangbaler belongs to the top 50 weblogs as monitored by pinoytopblogs, and gets more than 10,000 hits per month. If you're living or working abroad and you have relatives that have business in Baler, tell them to advertise at BB. Not only will it give their business a webpresence, it will also help me earn money to support my vices.
So until the next update. Continue enjoying Batangbaler.


tricia said...


tikbalang said...

suggestion laang para de ma-hijack o mapakialaman yung mga posted articles sa barangaybb. yung Mail-to-Blogger Address na laang ang gamitin at i-allow ang publishing thru email, kumbaga iyan ang dalawang kusing ku. salamat.

Anonymous said...

ay kung gaw-in iyun thru para mga contacts laang ang pwede?

Kidlat said...

Nice idea Tikbalang. Tenk u!

Kidlat said...

Ayaw ku nung contacts lang. Guttu ko kahit sino pwede. Para pati de na kailangang mag-gawa ng multiply account yung gustong mag post.

sky said...

ingat laang po sa mga mang-iispam ng blog kapag nagpa-publish ka ng confidential information sa web.

JRQ said...

Kid paki-dagdag sa links itung mga wiki.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind last entry. I didn't notice the images.