Friday, November 04, 2005

Best of Central Luzon - Behind The Scenes Part 2

October 1, day 2 of departure. The contingent who would be joining the Street Dancing Contest already left a day before. Our batch consisted of more than 400 peeps in 7 airconditioned Genesis buses.

Some of the ASCOT street dancers in their casual wear.

I travelled with the ANSHS group. I'm 15 years too early.

The 45 degree incline they call 36. I don't know why it's called 36, but it's the steepest road along the Canili-Pantabangan route.

The humps. This road was actually the top of the dike that was constructed to dam a river to create the Pantabangan dam.

Inside one karaoke bar at Brgy. CastaƱeda, Nueva Viscaya. The words on the manila paper were the songs and their corresponding numbers in the karaoke machine. No songbook needed.

After the lunch at the Green Forest restaurant. The pack lunch were already given before we departed from Baler - a hefty lump of rice and two big pieces of fried chicken.

Arrival at the concentration camp where we were officially turned over to the care of Department of Tourism Region III. It turned out that they don't really care at all. We arrived at around 9pm after getting lost for three hours.

The dining area where we were given "panis" food.

Apparently, some peeps think that a banig (one for every four persons) without pillows and a comfort room without water is called accomodation.

Some kids and myself decided to hack the comfy chairs into beds.

Same thing downstairs.

This was our refugee camp. It really looked like like a German WW2 concentration camp.


Anonymous said...

taereges laang iyan, ay bkit naman panis anng pinakain sa mga tga aurora.. pambato p naman ang mga iyan.. calling ANGARA CLAN......

Anonymous said...

mabuti at de panis nung pauwi na sa baler? akaw ay naranasan ku na ang kabagan habang nabiyahe sa bunduk, kalas but-u man sa pagtitiis. kalaput ng pawis ku nuun!

areee ay ayaw ku laang magpaparada ng bus tapus tumayongtong duun sa may kubling lugar.may cr na kaya ngay-un sa bunduk? ay yung mga bus, may potty sa likud para de na naparada gaya ng mga greyhound?

Anonymous said...

Ayus naman yung preparations sa aurora side, yung DOT ang nagpabaya