Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stealing Kat-ti

I stole this kat-ti photo from this blog. Check out the other pictures. Funny how you discover things on the net. I was reading this blog by the vocalist of Half-Life, Half-Death, a band I dig (dug? :-) back in the 80's, and stumbled on his post about warm bodies, an online anthology published in PDF format. It turned out that one of the editors of the tree-saving e-zine is from Baler, the son of my elementary teacher in Suklayin. Wait til you see the Big Brother of kat-ti, the Buting!


sky said...

small world! suklayin ka pala ay.

jackie said...

this!!!! this i what i want... dang!!!! can u guys send me some of this.. paborito ko to eh, sometimes nung nasa casiguran pa ako eh, ako pa nangunguha nyan... wow!!! btw.. i copy this pictures so i can post it sa webpage ko. yah some of ur pix here, like the road sa pantabangan, i hope u dont mind. but tell me if u dont want me to do that again. ok, i understand. btw thanks a lot kuya

Kidlat said...

And where is your website jackie. Kindly point it to us. We want to check it.