Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Website Maintenance

I'm cleaning the website today to allow the IE users (lipat na kayo sa Firefox) to see BatangBaler properly. I'll also change the template to a simple one. This will be the first time i will be using a white background. Less is more.

Customized links and advertisements will temporarily disappear. Depending on the speed of my internet connection, all things will be back to normal probably this afternoon or tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

OK. Standing by.

Thank you Joseph.
- o.g. kups

sickxela said...

nice..waiting for that template to be replaced for a very long tym... seeing that theme in other blogs seems awkwrd..u can check blogskins.com to pick a couple of designs or idea... blogspot so far is the most flexible blog service i knw, and im using it as the host of my main blogs.