Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Baler Wired

The recent activation of Smart Wi-Fi Internet in Baler created a cloud of wireless internet access throughout most of Baler. And to all of you Balerians surfing the net in the comfort of your homes, offices or wherever you are in Akawland - WELCOME TO BATANGBALER! Now you can experience what you used to hear only from your balikbayan relatives and only see printed on t-shirts.

And as always, with the good comes the bad. When you connect to the internet you also open a door in your computer that offers great potentials as well as great risks. Maybe you're already familiar with computer viruses and knows how to prevent them from invading your computer. Well, with internet connection, you should multiply your virus knowledge by about 100 times. That's how paranoid you should be. Then there are the other things: spyware, adware, spams, popups, popunders, worms, trojans, browser hijack, those people from Nigeria asking you for money, and much much more. Here are some advices for you kababayans..

Here's what you should do:
  1. Install an antivirus. If you already have one, update it. That should be fairly easy now that you have net connection. Also set your antivirus to update automatically so that it's always up-to-date with the virus world. If you want free antivirus try AVG. I've been using it for years and it's good. Their website is
  2. Install adware and spyware monitor. AVG detects most adware and spyware but having a dedicated app just for the purpose is better. Try Ad-Aware, this is what I use. The Microsoft AntiSpyware is too intrusive.
  3. Install a pop-up blocker. The Yahoo Toolbar and the Google Toolbar have great pop-up blockers.
  4. Do not use Internet Explorer. It's a magnet for all those spywares and adwares and everything bad in the net. Instead use Firefox. Great browser - secure and with built in adware and spyware blocker. Of course Opera is also good now that the full version is free. You can also completely remove Internet Explorer from your system because it still attracts bad spirits even if it's on hibernation. IEradicator will do the works for you.
But of course, there are more good things on the Net than bad. Explore It and enjoy. If you have more concerns regarding the internet and the computer in general, i'm your online companion. Just email me at or buzz my Yahoo Messenger - username is josephisdead. And do't forget to visit Batangbaler everyday.

Once again, in behalf of the BATANGBALER community on the internet throughout the world - Welcome!


Anonymous said...

hi Kidlat

how's the connection so far of the WiFi,have you tried it?As advertised they say it is 256 but if it is Wifi it should be more than that..


Anonymous said...

for XP users, download XP service pack 2.. its free and has additional features including firewall.
Kasi may net na jan...
Recommended software - googleearth..view baler from space from ur PC...
- i been watching changes here for almost 4 months since i got my own wifi at my boarding house... zonealarm. CA EZ antivirus..

Desert Pinoys said...

good job joseph for changing your templates, i'm a firefox loyal fan for a long time too. i had contacted vangie daton through you, thank you nga pala.
it's nice to hear that baler is hot & wired...

its me

(taga-aurorang nasa gitnang silangan)

Desert Pinoys said...

suggestion..kung ok lang mag lagay ka rin ng shoutbox sa side bar para mas maraming interactions.

Anonymous said...

talaga may WiFi na? Sang place ang covered? talo pa ibang place s manila huh!

Anonymous said...

Initially the Smart Wi-Fi internet is available only in Baler and just within a 3 kilometer radius from the cellcite near Duungan. This service is available in most of the Philippines, niot just in Baler.