Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Must Read

This newsweek article is a must read: It's about the country's prime export and the brain hemorrhage it is causing.

via Jessica Zafra's blog.

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Kill bill said...

Can't really blame them. I'll be following soon, a 10 thou bucks (gross) e d kasya sa single na tulad ko. Kahit na sa akin lang lahat yun. Deduct tax, philhealth, sss, pag-ibig.. and what i've got - 7 thou? Expenses per day: transpo - P80 ,food - P40 (tipid na to, how abt merienda pa?). A decent top and slacks cost P800 each, meal @ breakfast and dinner - P100. water, elctricity, phone bill, rent. Pakshet! Pano p ko mag aasawa nito. Isang kahig, isang tuka. Wala na natira for savings. How bout my "future". Oh well, in demand and profession ko (not nurse, btw), so I hv a choice. Sorry Pinas Ill be leaving soon, xcept f u hv something in store for me.