Thursday, October 20, 2005

Best of Central Luzon - Cultural Show Part 2

Here's more from the Cultural Show of the Araw ng Aurora:

The BNHS's Tinikling dance segues into the Siege of Baler stage play as reimagined by Ms. Rose Querijero and John Arcilla. The Aurora National Science High School Dramatics Club performs.

The itik-itik dance was a part of the play.

Tableau of the Philippine-Spanish No-friendship Day. Historically, this never happened.


Men disguised as women - psychological warfare.

The Spanish soldiers surrendered.

And the Pinoys sang with joy.

The end.

The last part of the show was another group dance by the Wesleyan students.

The program started and ended with "Pagsibol"

The great photo op.



Anonymous said...

the pictures was great but WHERE ARE THE PANGKAT KAWAYAN MEMBERS?????

Anonymous said...

akaw!!!!sabaw!!!! ay cnu na iyan sila??????