Tuesday, May 17, 2005

No Vacation

Hey! I did not go on vacation. Last Friday we went to this abandoned tourist site in Maria called Dimasalang Falls. It's a great place but it was scrapped off the tourist sites of Aurora because of water contamination. More about this thing later.

Then there was a one day brownout in Baler but it lasted for three days where i connect to the net. This week we're busy with the Sining-Silangan Art Fest. More details about the event in the coming days.


RQ said...

To US residents, kung sino po ang nagbabalak magcontribute i think we can just consolidate our donations para less remitance fee which costs $8-15 (or maybe you can add this instead to your contri)? What do you think? We can designate 1 contact person who will receive our checks and will remit the money to BatangBaler?
Taking a dollar or two from your charitable contributions ( from US institutions) can directly benefit our Kababayans and us as well.


Anonymous said...

Something was not rigth the first time it happened. Hindi po sa 'barat' aku. Mapag tutulung-tulungan po natin ito at $10-20$ per year absolutely does not hurt sa mga taga US.Sa dami nating itu aree ay sobra-sobra pa sigurado. Lalo at kaming mga nasa malalayu rin ang nasisiyahan sa pag babasa nitu. Naunahan laang ng hiya kabayan peru gustu kung mag donate.

Anonymous said...

aree ay talaga. hala, mag-bigay na ng tigte-10 or tigtwe-20 usd.

Anonymous said...

para sa kapakanan nating malayo sa baler,kundangat kadarating ko dito sa eastcoast,promise next year doblehin ko bigay ko sa ganda ng site na to sulit ang idodonate natin.regards kay nonete at marinore angara sa california