Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dimasalang Falls

Dimasalang is a sitio of Brgy. Dimotol, Ma. Aurora, Aurora. It is one of the barangays along the Ma. Aurora - Pantabangan road and located halfway along the route, between Brgy. Dianawan and Galintuja. From the looks of the place - logged-out and mostly secondary forests, you wouldn't guess that the place shelters a great waterfalls called Dimasalang. It's a series of terraced waterfalls and is just a 30-minute walk from the road. Years ago, the local government decided to develop the place and a kilometer long concrete walkway was constructed. Along the path, they also put up concrete cottages for the would-be travellers to the place.

Then a group of indigenous people decided to form a settlement upriver, the source of the waterfalls. After they settled the water downriver was found to be contaminated and the Dimasalang Falls area was abandoned as a tourist site. I didn't know about this when we went there. I just found out about it when I asked some people in the tourism office why the place was not in their list of Aurora tourist spots. Anyway, the place is not really that "dirty". If you can stand swimming in the San Luis Dam (a popular picnic place) or Kinalapan River then this waterfalls is about 10 times cleaner. The waters are clear and aside from the mosses, you wouldn't guess that it is not that pristine. I guess the local government are just too touchy or too concerned about the health of their visitors.

Here are the pictures. I came with Donnel Gomez, Rommel Sindac and our guides Aurelio, Loreto and Ryan.

How to go there step 1: Go to the bus terminal and ride a D'Liner or any bus that will go via Pantabangan. We dcided on a Cabanatuan bound Wadi Laki D'Liner. The fare is 40 pesos from Baler or 30 if you're coming from Maria. If you have your own ride, make sure it can manage the 60 degree inclines of the road. You can also start from Cabanatuan if you're coming the other way.

One and a half hour later, were already shopping for energy drinks. Our choice is the good old quatro cantos.

The landmark is this huge stump of a tree in front of a small house. The concreted pathway - complete with pipe balusters- starts at the back of the house.

The pathway is already covered with grasses. Ready those lotions and alcohols.

Scene from the Exorcist.

Resting in one of the cottages. All of them are now full of graffiti, blank loves blank thing written with charcoal.

Ummm... trees.

This one's about to become a house post.

First look.

Ground level.

The free wallpaper.

The killjoy snake. More than a meter long and ready to eat all seven of us. No swimming in this spot.


Tagay mu!

Slide. This one is down the first falls.

View from the bottom.


Falls no. 2.

Back up the trail.

looting the iron bars start here.

Relaxing while waiting for a ride home. You're a supper star.

Free truck ride.


Anonymous said...

saya naman - pero katakot yung ahas, huh.

Anonymous said...

salamat at kahit sa pictures man lang parang nakarating na rin kami dyan sa lugar na yan.

Anonymous said...

salamat at kahit sa pictures man lang parang nakarating na rin kami dyan sa lugar na yan.

batang maria aurora said...

salamat sa iyong adventurous effort to get there..matagal ko ng gustong puntahan yang lugar na yan..at least kahit picture ay nakita ko na rin. nakakalungkot naman ang kwento mo na it was scrapped as a tourist destination..Shame on those government officials who didn't push it, at least may ibang revenue pa sa ang probinsya..Maganda ang Aurora specially it's people, it only needs a good governance..

good job mate!!