Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Baler The Bountiful

While waiting for the updates, take time to read this Philippine Star article about Baler and the recent Aurora Day by Alfred Yuson. It's a great read:

Baler the Bountiful. " Somehow you’re grateful the overland trip takes at least six-seven hours via Cabanatuan, with at least a couple of those on dusty, winding rough roads. Otherwise, Baler might well be swamped with tourists foreign and local, meaning Metro Manilan. There’s a remarkable bounty of attractions all over Aurora province. But you want to be selfish about it, go sotto voce only among close friends: Hey, you should try it, guys – beach and mountain, mountain and beach, spectacular sweeping views, old-growth forests, waterfalls, ravines and rivers pristine. The food’s good, and the people all seem like long-lost family. "

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