Monday, March 07, 2005

Aurora Day Parade

These pictures were taken during the benebens (main event) of the Aurora Week celebration, the Parade on February 19.

Used to be the people to finish the parade, Aurora's top officials are now the roadbreakers. Between the two umbrellas: Mayor Angara of Baler, Vice Governor Annabelle Tangson, Cong. Sonny Angara and Governor. Bella Angara-Castillo.

The Baler Association of the Midwest, USA. They were here for the celebration as well as the much attended three-day Medical Mission at the Baler Central School on February 21 to 22. Chica Go!

The evergreens, Nais Ng Ina, probably Aurora's oldest association. It was founded by no less than Doña Aurora Aragon Quezon herself.

The float of Ms. Casiguran leads all Wadi Lakke participants of the parade.

Ms. Dipaculao in a float that seemed to be inspired by all the woods and stuffs washed-out during the November flash floods. Seriously, its all about the Pagsibol thing.

The designers of Ms. Maria's float, anticipating a very sunny and hot parade, decided to add in a natural shade for their muse to save her all the agony of having to carry an umbrella throughout the whole gig.

Ms. Dinalungan's motto: "no to umbrella". It's high time for a tan. And to keep the tan even, they even put a second sun to take care of her backside.

Ms. San Luis is from Ditumabo. She even brought the famous waterfalls with her to prove it.

This year's winner for the worst designed float: Baler. This one is inspired by the popemobile.

Ms. Dingalan pretending to be a pearl in this "manglit" inspired float.

The veterans. An endangered species.

The street dancing winners from Baler Central School, streetdancing once again.

The golden girls from ASCOT showing their winning steps.

Ms. Aurora from Dingalan. They forgot to put a straw to that big "mura" beside her.

The majorettes of Baler National High School (i guess).

This is how the main road looks like. Notice the May 2004 campaign billboard still on a roof after 10 months.

This is the "mura" i'm talking about. This float won the best float award. It has a big kayuran in front and a dog-sized ant eating a panutsa. My picture of the whole float was too dark to be posted.

The stage after the parade. Up front were Señor Ricky Quezon Avanceña, Sen. Angara, Gov. Castillo, Cong. Angara and Vice Gov. Tangson. The guest speaker, Sen. Dick Gordon, failed to make it on account of bad weather.

Two of this year's four Dangal ng Bayan Awardees. Dr. Epitacio Palispis for Education and John Arcilla for Performing Arts. The other recipients were Sen. Edgardo Angara for public service and Jeho Bitancor for Visual Arts.

The kids donned in international attires.

The Governor

Señor Ricky Avanceña.

John Arcilla sings our Gov's favorite, The Impossible Dream.

Cong. Sonny Angara

Vice Gov. Tangson delivered the message of the guest speaker, Sen. Richard Gordon. It was a sunny day in Aurora, but a wall of dark clouds on the mountains prevented him from coming to the Province.

I love orange.

Dr. Epitacio Palispis, receiving his Dangal ng Aurora award.

Sen. Edgardo Angara delivering his acceptance speech.

Ceasar Cristopher Gonzales, Aurora's new tourism Czar.

The mayor of Dingalan with Ms. Aurora. That was Aurora's map painted on her banig skirt. And she's still wearing those coconut bras.

The Dr. Galban megged ASCOT chorale doing their thing to close the program.

Aurora's new battlecry "Bagong Sigla, Bagong Pag-asa" was literally launched into space.


Anonymous said...

AYUS NA AYUS KID! PARA NA RIN AKUNG NAKIPAG-PARADA. DATAY MAGANDA NAMAN PALA. Ay iyung karosa ng miss Baler adiyooo ay bakit parang wala ngang preparasyon? Di man laang pinag-gawa kahit nga palapa ng niyug. Buti na laang at napasama sa runner up. Magaling sana kung may powerful zoom iyung kamera mu para may close up shots ng makilatisang mabuti. Peru akaw galing bok. And thanks for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Napupuna ku laang. Magaling sana kung sa susunod na iuupo ang mga kinatawan sa stage ay makikita mu lahat ang mga mukha. Ang upuan gaya ng sa theater o sinehan para di natatakpan iyung mga nasa likud. Kulang pa rin talaga sa preparasyon. Dahil di makita iyung magagandang dilag na naka-upu sa likud. Sayang. Sa susunud na laang siguru.

Kidlat said...

Akaw, may zoom at close up pictures iyan sila kita pati buhok sa ilung. Nilagay ku lang talaga yung kita ang mga floats at de naman itu friendster.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Nais nang Ina and Veterans participation for the occassion. They need to be out there to stay active and appreciated. Bravo to all . Nice pics. is there more????:)

Anonymous said...

ay sana marami pa uli na pics. ang mapost..thanks ha?kasi ay wala kami nung au. day..may pasuk kasi kami..

Anonymous said...

Akaw ay buhay pa pala ang "NAIS NG INA"! Ang tagal nang organization niyan. Log-okin pa laang aku naririnig ko na kala Lola (Navarro) at Nanay ang Nais ng Ina. Very active yata iyan nung ginagawa pa laang ang Aurora Memorial Hospital. Iyan ang organization na dapat ipagmalaki ng Aurora!

Anonymous said...

Bigla kong na-miss ang Aurora, There's no place like home! Aurora day looks like real fun. The floats and costumes are fabulous ... very native and creative. Good work!

Anonymous said...

ang gaga2nda nga ng mga pic2res. sana sa susunod d na kasama ang mga nasa opisina at ang mga organisasyon nagpapahaba ng parada at nakakaboring manood..... galing talaga ng gradw8 sa science high