Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Aurora Day: More Pictures

More pictures of Aurora Day 05. Enjoy.

The renovated stage before the start of everything.

Prepped for the ribbon-cutting of the agro-industrial trade fair. Lots of locally produced products.

The ASCOT booth with some Ascoteers. White sand included.

Fruits and vegetables galore.

These nice hand-painted fans were just a few of many Aurora customized stuff at the trade fair.

Nothing but multicolored sabutan hats in this booth.

The wonderfully packaged Casiguran virgin coconut wine. It's a lambanog actually and they even offered free shots with pulutan to prove its potency.

This forest inspired booth won the best booth award. I think the "talyasi" waterfalls clinched it.

More hats.

A "Beer na Beer" inspired Baler shirt.

The first night show of the week, a dancing and singing contest billed "Tuklas Talino"

The Pilita Corrales pose.

The Baler dancers dressed as fishermen.

The CAT competition. That was Mr. Lauro Bihasa on stage.

The opening of the TESDA Skills Olympics at the Baler Municipal Plaza.

The "tinker the engine" contest.

A historical tour was inaugurated on the 15th. It featured a historical foot trail that started here at the church.

The Drum and Lyre competition at the capitol. This competitin dates as far back as I can remember. But back then it was called a drum and bugle competition. I guess the bugle lost its touch.

The Capitol balcony. No extra charge.

This is the redesigned Capitol lagoon at one corner of the Capitol compound. It boast the province's first fountain, excluding that peeing kid statue at the hospital.

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Salamat na marami sa mga pictures Kid. Hindi ko na kailangan pang umuwi para lang manood.