Thursday, January 27, 2005


Batangbaler Classic
The Batangbaler classic shirt is on sale again while supply lasts. Again, only available in black and white. Other colors soon to follow.

Pasirit Shirt
The first in our lineup of surfing shirts. Initially available in black and white. Limited supplies only.

Here's the pricelist:

White Shirt: XS and S - P200, M & L - P210, 2XL - P220
Black Shirt: S & M - P210, L - P220, XL & 2XL - P230, 3XL - P240
(note: prices will be higer abroad)

To order, please contact:

Baler: Joseph (Kid) - 09215413720
Manila: Rommel (Mets) - 09208603048 or Enniele - 09192476157
USA: Joan Querijero - 09212012987 and +17327635501

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