Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sweet Relief

The respond to our cry for help was overwhelming and the Baler Volunteers or Aurora Volunteers (organized for this project only) were flooded not with water but a torrent of clothes, rice, sardines and instant noodles. From the bunch they were able to repack about 350 packs of relief foods and more than 200 bags of clothes. Without any help from any politicians, they were able to bring the goods to Baler on rented vehicles. On Monday, with the help of more volunteers from baler and the Munting Sambayanang Kristiyano peeps as coordinators we were able to distribute the good to Digisit, Dimanagsag (Calabuanan), Sitios Tabon and Gabgab and the affected barangays of Buhangin. Surprisingly, after a week and with lots of relief goods coming to Baler on helicopters and from different politicians and civic organizations, some of the areas we visited mentioned that we were the first to come to them for help. Maybe the officials are still labeling the bags with their names, that's why there's a delay. We were even told that we should get a permit or coordinate with them first before we do our thing. We just ignored them and went on with our unlabeled goods and with shy volunteers who wouldn't even mention their names.

And it is not yet over. The group is still receiving anything from kind hearted people like YOU! There are still many people who needs YOUR help! Just scroll down from here for the list of people to contact.

And for those of you who already gave something - Thank you!


Joseph said...

Pakibigay naman ang contact name ng taong pwedeng pagpadalhan ng contribution na pera.


Anonymous said...

Natutuwa ako dahil ang mga kabataan ay siyang tunay na pag-asa ng bayan. Tama iyang ginagawa ninyo, aksyon agad. Marami ang hikahos ngayon dahil walang mapagkukunan ang ating mga magbubukid at mga mangingisda.Alam nating lahat hindi mabili ang isda pagkatapos ng mga nangyari. Kaya ipagpatuloy ninyo ang inyong nasimulan lalo na ang pagbabantay sa mga namumutol ng kahoy. May mga tao diyan sa Baler at mga karatig-bayan na iyan ang hanap-buhay. Sana naman ay nakonsensya na sila nang huwag manyari sa atin ang nangyari sa Dingalan, Infanta at Gen. Nakar. Keep up the good work guys. Nasa likod lang ninyo kami at sumusuporta.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i'm a filipino born in canada and I just want to say that i feel for all in Baler.. My last vacation to the philippines was very heart warming like the peple of baler. I stayed in the philippines for a month and 3 weeks was in baler. I loved it so much there i wanted to mover there.. now after watching and seeing what has happened in baler it hurts me. I just hope that all the wonderful people I have met there are all okay. And as a young pinoy with no memories but baler I will make a valiant effort to fundraise here in canada to help the victims and most of all the young children to rise from this unfortunate events. I just want to do my part..thank you all for the memories