Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Call Continues...

Our call for help is not yet over. We are still accepting donations for the people of Aurora affected by the series of floods and typhoons in the past weeks. For those who want to help and want it fast and without bureaucratic ilks, were it. We're accepting help in form of foods, clothing, medicines and money. Please contact the following if you're in the Manila area:

Rommel Espinosa - 09208603048
Jerome Tinio - 09178429675
Enyel Sinsay - 09192476157
Ayie Pimentel - 09275102081
Ella Friginal - 09194993163

For those who are in other parts of the world, you may send your donations to your relatives in Manila or through:

Rachelle V. Friginal
Bank of the Philippine Island
MRT Ayala Branch
Account Number: 5556 1434 22

If you want to send money via Western Union, you can send it direct to Baler through:

Joseph T. Gonzales
Baler, Aurora
plese SMS or call +639215413720 or email for the MTCN no.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I'm really proud of you guys for coming up with such a noble act for our underprivileged kababayan. Talagang saludo ako because y'all are ready to organize, reach out and help those who are really in need.

Here in our company where we have around 50 Filipino employees (Kuwait & Iraq), a group was also organized seeking to raise fund and receive donation like used clothings and medicines.

Although it will be directly send to ABS-CBN Foundation in Quezon City, we hope that part of it will be given to our affected kababayan there in Aurora.

Anonymous said...

The recent series of typhoons that hardly hit our province saddened me so bad because I saw the extent of its effect to our underprivileged kababayans. But on the other hand, made me so proud of our youth so hardly driven to reach out and really went out of their way to help those who are really in dire need.

These young folks inspired me to help in my own little way along with some of my closest friends and officemates here who just wanted to share our blessing and reach out to our less fortunate fellows.

In time for the celebration of Christmas, I thought of sharing a chunk of my December salary to our humble barrio folks who were also greatly affected by the havoc of series of typhoons. When my closest friends and officemates who are non-Filipinos learned about my plan, they didn't have a second thought and shared something for that purpose.

Of course, we would wanted to help some more but our resources is also limited.So, we really did everything we could to cover most of the families in the place we have chosen.

So,when Christmas time comes families from our small barrio would then have something to share on their humble table.

This is the only way we know we can reach out and make other people's Christmas happy.... and make our Christmas away from home......much more happier, meaningful and with delight in our hearts .