Thursday, December 02, 2004

sort of a cry for help

Magandang Araw po sa lahat.

Ang ating mga kababayan po sa Aurora ay nangangailangan ng tulong in the form of food, clothing and medicine. Badly hit by two typhoons in a matter of days, a lot of families have already left their homes and properties.

According to Mrs. Yolly Angara of DSWD Baler, one of the hardest hit is Brgy. Buhangin, while residents of Brgy. Sabang have also been evacuated to the Municipal Hall. As for other areas, Villa Aurora was said to have been completely washed out by the rain and is now erased in the map. The total number of casualties is still undetermined.

Currently, Baler is expecting a supply of food from the DSWD regional office in Pampanga. A truck is supposed to pick up the supply today and is expected to reach the town tomorrow.

However, with the incoming typhoon "Yoyong" expected to hit Aurora (again) tonight, we fear that the next ration of food is not to be expected soon.

With the blessing of our grandmaster Kidlat AKA Batangbaler, a group of volunteers, mostly active members of who are based here in Manila, took the initiative to organize some sort of a relief mission for our kababayans, under the name AURORA VOLUNTEERS.

We are gathering food - canned goods, noodles, rice, etc., used clothes and medicine, or anything that you want to give our kababayans. The plan is to bring these items to Baler and other areas on Sunday, December 5.

We are hoping that you would join us in this cause. We don't discourage you from sending your donations to television stations and other groups as we all have the same goals, but the idea is to make sure that our kababayans will receive help and assistance. The group assures you that whatever you give will go directly to our own kababayans in Aurora.

You probably have received a text message about this but for those who want to help, you may contact any of these volunteers:

Rommel Espinosa - 09208603048
Jerome Tinio - 09178429675
Enyel Sinsay - 09192476157
Ayie Pimentel - 09275102081
Ella Friginal - 09194993163

For those who are in other parts of the world, you may send your donations to your relatives in Manila or through:

Rachelle V. Friginal
Bank of the Philippine Island
MRT Ayala Branch
Account Number: 5556 1434 22

Along with the donations, we continue to ask you to please pray for the safety of our families and friends in Aurora. Right now, it's the only contribution that we could give.

Thank you all in advance and may God bless us all.

posted by: Ella Friginal


Anonymous said...

I've heard that Aurora Association is going to have a meeting this Sunday....

As for me Kuya Joseph, I'm so sorry I cannot help organize....Joan would be more effective in that. I haven't logged on in a while (i can't remember my user id and password!) but i can send money thru Joan if she's able to collect money from people here. I sooo badly want to help.

Hiyas =(

Anonymous said...

hi! i have forwarded your letter to my officemates here in Unionbank yesterday, and today I am receiving their donations, in cash and in kind. Where and how could I send the stuffs I have collected? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

i forgot to give you my contact numbers: Office -8938649, at home - 5220778 and mobile number - 09209051604. Thanks and lets all continue helping our kababayans!


minnie said...
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minnie said...

hi there, sad to learn that you've been experiencing bad storms in close succession.

how i wish we can help here in australia. i have started sending your letters to some of our kababayans here in. I hope they will be generous enough to give help.

enyel said...

isa pong malaking tagumpay ang ginawa naming relief operations sa baler. maraming salamat po sa lahat ng tumulong. dangan lamang po at marami pa ring mga kababayan natin ang nangangailangan nang ating tulong. Tumatanggap pa rin po kami ng kahit anong tulong na manggagaling sa inyo. marami po ang nangangailangan ng gamot, damit at pagkain. marami po sa pinuntahan naming lugar ay kami pa lang ang nakapunta para magbigay ng relief goods. walang ibang makatutulong sa ating mga kababayan kundi tayo lamang. marami pa rin pong nangangailangan sa gabgab na halos kalahati ng bahay ay puro putik, sa digisit na sira-sira ang bahay at sa dimanagsag na lumubog sa tubig. God Bless to you All!