Tuesday, June 28, 2005


BB Stats January - June 2005

Monthly Stats
Average unique visitors per month: 3,584
Average visits per month : 5,994
Average monthly pageviews: 49,939
Average monthly hits: 336,431

Daily Stats
Average visits: 200
Average page visits: 2,842
Hits: 12,769

unique visitors - first time visit to the website or first time a computer connects to the batangbaler server.
visits - counts each time the homepage was visited
pageviews - counts each time any page in the website was visited
hits - counts everytime a file on the website is accessed, including pages, images, database etc.Also includes access to guestbook and messageboard.

Last weekend's downtime of the BB website was again due to excess bandwidth (size of file access allowed per month which is 5GB in the case of Batangbaler). I requested the hosting company for additional bandwidth on Friday (June 24) before the site went down. Unfortunately, the request was activated only this Monday (June 27). To solve this problem I upgraded BB's account to four times the current bandwidth allocation (from 5 to 20GB) and also increased the file storage (from 800MB to 900MB). Of course it means increase in monthly payments but the problem of excess bandwith every month will be solved. As a result of this upgrade, the one-year hosting payment that is supposed to last until June next year will only cover payments up to January.
We'll deal with it when the time comes. In the meantime, enjoy your Batangbaler Experience.

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Anonymous said...

abaa..basta baga sasabihan mo kami kung anu ang maitutulong namin ay,at saka yung masisipag makioron sa bb aree..konting tulong lang...