Friday, June 24, 2005


I shot these last night. I took almost two dozen shots while tinkering with the camera settings and these two are the best of the worst. Some even came out totally black. These two shots have exposures of 10 seconds.


Anonymous said...

That was nice.
i have a great picture of a sunrise too but unfortunately that was taken somewhere in the visayas last feb 05. mind if u can post the pic here? (showing off eh?)
i was proud of this shot since that was the best i took but unfortunately (agen!) mistaken by others as sunset. you be the judge

Kidlat said...


If you can read from the title this is not a sunrise picture he he he. It is a picture of the moon rising over Baler Beach.

I like too see your picture but I only post Aurora related pictures on BB. Why don't you use free photo servers like YahooPhoto, Pbase or Webshots so that you can provide a link here. I'm sure other BB regulars would like to see your sunrise picture.

Anonymous said...

ehehehe..i read bet d lines.

btw, is there such thing as moonrise? If there is, does it follow that there is moonset too?
and if moonrise is after sunset, then moonset must be before sunrise?


Anonymous said...

I think moonrise is what you call when the moon is rising and when it sets it can be called moonset. Sometimes the moon rises before sunset sets after sunrise.

And when you're on the moon and you see the earth rising, it's called an earthrise, he he.

And you can have friedrise any time of the day.

Anonymous said...

akaw! ganda ng buwan anu?! ay di madami na naman ang naglalampungan niyan sa aplaya anu?! lalu na iyung mga galing sa cocohut...buhay pa baga ang cocohut?