Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hot Topics on the Board

If you're not a member or a regular browser of the BB messageboard, these are some of the hot topics:

1. Hello Garci - starts with the use of the Hello Garci ringtone and snowballs into discussions on wiretapping, GMA and all things related to the latest issue about the Gloriagate scandal.

2. Outstanding Balerians - what it takes to be an outstanding Balerian

3. Aurora National Science High School - Divided into topics for the different batches of ANSHS

5. Buhay FL - Remembering and celebrating the fast learner class.

Most topics at the messageboard are open to everyone. Some requires registration before you can reply. To register click here.


Anonymous said...

Kid maganda ring i-endorse yung
thread nung kay Tantul, Tio Paul
at iba pa para pampagana

Anonymous said...