Sunday, February 06, 2005


Last friday (feb. 4) aroung 9:30 pm, while i was working on something on the computer (it was the cover for the Aurora Day souvenir program) when i heard loud cracks that sounded like stones hitting our roof. I stood up to check it out when rapid burst of shots that sounded like fireworks stopped me from looking out. For a long time it sounded like an Iraqi assault outside and I thought i was being raided (for typing maybe). It stopped after about 5 minutes and i managed to take a peek outside. The road was full of smoke and the air reeks of gunpowder. It turned out that a house about 20 meters from ours (we live in Buhangin, near the cemetery) was assaulted by some people. I was able to check the house the next day and it was a total wreck. It's like one of those houses being shown on CNN during the height of the Afghanistan invasion. All glass windows were shattered and the walls were riddled with bullets. Everything inside the house were wrecked and there are two motorcycles outside that are full of holes. I heard one person was wounded and no one was killed. I don't know what's behind this thing and I don't listen to local radio anymore. Let's see if this story will seep in to the national news and into the net.

Aside from that, things are pretty normal here in Baler. They even started decorating the streets for the upcoming Aurora Day.

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Anonymous said...

It sad to hear stories like this but then again it's the reality of life now a days. Any idea whose house was targeted by that bombing? Any update you can share us 'bout that? Like whose behind it and what caused it to happen?