Saturday, February 12, 2005

Beach Bazaar

Check out the BATANGBALER booth at the Beach Bazaar on February 14 - 19, at Labasin near Bay's Inn. This is in line with the Aurora Day celebration and the 9th Aurora Surfing Cup. Lots of "original" Batangbaler and Pasirit tshirts as well as other stuffs will be available. It's official - Batangbaler is being pirated! We're famous!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Perhaps you could help me. I find conflicting info abt the Aurora Surfing Cup for 2005. Could you pls tell me when exactly is the competition? We are planning to check out this event & of course we want to be there on time won't we? :) And also, do u know the contact number of Bay's Inn? I cannot contact them on the number provided on the net.

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Based on the official Aurora Day schedule, the Aurora Surfing Cup will be held on Feb. 15 - 18, 2005. But latest info says that it would really start on the 16th.

and Bay's Inn's telephone number is: (042) 209-4312 in Baler. Or you can try 09189266697.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the waves cooperated and the 9th Aurora Surfing Cup started as scheduled - Feb 15.