Sunday, February 20, 2005

Back On It's Feet

from the Philippine Star. Calamity-ravaged Aurora back on its feet. Less than three months after killer typhoons brought its people down on their knees, this third-class province has made a triumphant recovery, celebrating its 26th founding anniversary with pomp, pageantry and glamour amid the recent devastation.

As if to announce that Aurora is back on its feet, provincial officials led by Gov. Bellaflor Angara-Castillo, Vice Gov. Annabelle Tangson and Rep. Sonny Angara joined their constituents in a week-long festivity filled with fun, merriment and hope.

There was a festive atmosphere in this capital town, highlighted by a fireworks’ display and street dancing, lifting the spirit of local folk who, in late November, reeled from the typhoons’ swath of destruction.


thakasussi said...

The celebration of Aurora Day is traditionally commemorating its foundation day and the recent festivities brought some fun to people and to the community.

While browsing this blogsite I was looking for the message or a kind of SONA from the Governor of Aurora, to know more about the present economic condition and the ongoing economic program for the Province.
I would appreciate from the webmaster of this website if you can publish the Governor's Message for the people in Aurora Day 2005 or how to find it.

People have got some enjoyment and their weariness got treated for a while during the recent celebration. These festivities are only icing of the cake.

We should look for the substantial economic program for the welfare of the people of Aurora Province.

Anonymous said...

The headline "back on it's feet" is very decieving. Why? Here's why: No evidence of any kind of sign that the province is definitely back on it's feet! Was the celebration of the Aurora Day an indication of the province being back on track? I don't think so! Like thakasussi said it was just a traditional way of commemorating the event. We, the people need proof from the people in power. A plan that needs to be implementated. And what about the people who had gotten affected of the disaster, was there any compensation done by the government. I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Okay laang sigurung mag-react peru ganuun ang balita ay. Peru anu naman ang gustu ninyu? MAG 'LUKSA'?
Makalungkut na nga ang nangyari diyan sa atin dahil sa kalamidad na nangyari mag mu-muk-muk ka pa rin? Atesss...aku hindi. Maski wala akung pera nag dadamit aku ng maayus para 'magmukhang may kwarta'. De baga?

Kidlat said...

The Governor had her message but it is beyond my capacity as the one-man-army of this website to record and reproduce it. If the Governor's Office can provide it i would happily post it as a press release. I have a real job and this site is just a hobby. I'm just doing what i can for what's it worth.

Anonymous said...

That famous speech made by JFK applies on us. 'MY DEAR FELLOW AURORANS, THINK NOT WHAT AURORA CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT THINK OF WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR AURORA'. This makes a lot of sense he!he!he!. Sabi naman ni Pareng ERAP, mag trabahu laang ng mag trabaho.

kohne angara-bitong said...

I'm very proud of our province, it's on the National News/World News. Am here in Canada and reading an article like that inspires me.

For those who are not contented to the present public officials/administrators of Aurora, why don't you help to be a part of the solution on how to make our province move on rather than adding to the problem.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is this: There are more comments on Ms. Dingalan's "utung" than any other blog posted in this site. Not politics, the typhoon, fiesta, sk8rs, or surfing. People don't really give a fuck, whether you like or not. That's just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Accented ta ay. Wag mung sabihin na hindi mu nakita iyun dahil maiinit naman talaga sa mata ang parteng iyun. About that damn politics, who the hell cares? I'm tired of it and i'll go on with my own way of life. I'm here making money na alam kung hindi ku kinuha sa kaha ng bayan. MALINISAN LAANG kaibigan.

ron2ron said...

I agree that the headline "Back on It's Feet" sounds to good to be true or maybe a little bit political.

But come to think of it, the celebration is more of a socio-civic-cultural-historical event that showcased the beauty and talents of Aurora Province and it's citizens as we pay our homage to Dona Aurora Quezon. It was a week that promoted local folks skills and worksmanship through their handicrafts, farm products/harvests, though their suman and patupat. A week that showed the talents and sportsmanship of our youth as they competed against each other in singing, dancing and other sports like to hurdle those big waves out in the sea. All of these are part of our 'rich heritage' that we should be all PROUD of.

Historically, through Batas Pambansa Blg. 7 we have now come to celebrate the 26th Foundation Day of Aurora Province. Can you imagine still being a part of Quezon Province? Can you imagine going down to Lucena City just to fix some legal issues on your land and properties? Can you imagine the burden of our teachers whenever they attend provincial conferences/training in Lucena enduring that 12+ hours trip?

Aren't we proud that we have Baler as our Capital? Aren't we proud that we have our own akaw/aryo accent? Aren't we proud that our capital Baler is the birthplace of Pres. Manuel Quezon? There are countless of reasons that we should be all PROUD of as citizens of Aurora.

The celebration ofcourse was spearheaded by the Provincial Government led by the Governor. We can't deny the fact that from top to bottom, the government is run by the Angaras. It appeared to be a political event only because we see familiar faces, we are looking at the works of the Angara Dynasty. Why of why? Tell me that on the elections to come.

Per Manny Galvez of Phillipine Star, "Aurora is back on it's feet!" Not sure where you are from Mr. Galvez. But lemme tell you, Aurora have long endured quite a number of our mother nature's wrath some might have been attributed by man. But Aurora continues to rise and shine! Aurora has a strong foundation and great talents as it has produced great leaders of our nation.

But you know what? I would rather stamped this event as a week that showcased the beauty and talents of Aurora and it's citizens! A week that reflected and paid homage to its history and to the rich culture of roots!

Lastly, I salute Joseph 'aka BatangBaler" in putting all these great works together, as he had mentioned this is not his day job. Thanks Joseph!

victoria said...

well... well... well... i just want to comment on the pageant's flow.. i want to address this to the production team.. i just want to know if this team has a background in production? guys, we've seen Bb. Aurora for the last three years when mrs Rachiel Miran chaired it, the pageants were great!!! why do you have to bring back those conventional way of of producing beauty pageants? yaks.. I think you have to know more 'bout producing such... remember Bb Aurora is prestigous.. please...