Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Akaw Invasion!

The lineup:

ORGASM ADDICTS - One of the homebands of the Manila-based music collective called In Diss Corner. Regularly plays in different rock digs in and out of Manila, Mayrics, Freedom Bar etc. They have an EP and currently working on their first album. NU107 plays their originals. AKAW connection: Raygan or Kangker or Conquer, a pure Balerian in the Palispis vein formed the band with his friends after his Baler-inspired and Music Museum-regular band Bhonog Fever dissolved.

PENTAVIA - Pentavia formerly known as soultribe was formed on the eve of the millennium. It is composed of Chico Gonzales on Drums, Andrei Agulto on Bass, Jesse and Joks Reyes on guitars while Vlad Pullarca does the vocals. Pentavia was coined as the groups name because of their vision of flight, they were five hungry souls yearning to fly combined with shrieking guitar riffs and pounding drum beats which filled their moods, Pentavia was born. Pentavia means five in flight or five wings symbolizing man’s limitless boundaries. Akaw connection: Rambo or Boyet de Guzman usually sits-in as the drummer.

GINGER - Ginger is the new incarnation of Baler's "most popular" band Badfish. Plays reggae and ska covers and originals in vein with their guitarist's surfing inclination. Akaw connection: 100% pure Akaw, Alvin Morada on vocals, surfing champ Okoy Rojo on lead guitar, skate boi Toytoy PorqueriƱo on rhythm, G.A. Francia on bass and Robert Flores on Drums.

ENSLAVE - the band formerly known as 13th Underground, formerly known as Underground Chicken Sound. The winner of the My Generation 3 song competition. These kids, some of them are still technically young enough to legally drink beer, are infected with hardcore music. They have been playing since first year high school and are now using their college spare time honing their musical skills. Akaw connection: Most or all members are from Baler.

BHONOG FEVER - 90's almost famous band composed of three Balerians and one San Luis dude, they made a career out of Eric Friginal's old compositions. Used to play at Freedom Bar and Music Museum. Original songs used Baler stories and words and usually referenced Baler legends like Tata Penong, Tantul and Pitimini. They disbanded before CD-burner became popular relagating their originals to molding cassette tapes and into oblivion. This gig will be their comeback act.

KWAK-KWAK - Chosen because of longevity and their persistence not to change probably one of the baddest band names in the history of music. Composed of college students from ASCOT and MCC. The band is into hardcore music. Fronted by Ino Guerrero.

This gig is a tribute to all Baler bands and musicians who almost made it especially to Pinoytubo, who managed to release an album during the rock explosion of the 90's. Unfortunately their music was too far ahead of their times (insert sarcastic giggle here), and to Boyboy Ferreras, still the best guitarist in Aurora, who had his fifteen minutes of fame when he became the guitarist of April Boys Bingo and Jimmy.

See you on November 19!!


Anonymous said...

Akaw! para palang mga mulawin iyang Pentavia anu! Peru una pa sila. Kitakits sa 19!!

Anonymous said...

asteeeg yan pentavia!!!! sugatan ako sa summerslam nun!
pang ilan sila???
Baler, quezon ba ito???

Anonymous said...

dyableg lang anu!!!!!! ay kita mu nga lamang pangmaynila na rin tayu!!!! ataw libre mu ako ng beer ha!!!!!!!! saka batiin mu aku sa 19 ha!!!!

jo po ng suklayin said...

Na-bonogan na yata ang Bhonog fever. Ay nasaan na baga kayu?

Anonymous said...

ENSLAVE-->>>stig yAn anjan c Reno haRrrhaRR...yngatz!one of my beloved X..nyaiks,rOck On!

Anonymous said...

kuya kidlat , post mo kaagad kung kaylan ung akaw invasion sa baguio. ay sinu na naman baga i2ng baler,quezon na i2 maka-bad trip na talaga!!!! HOY!!!!BALER,AURORA NA KAMI!!!! LATE SEVENTIES PA KAMI NAHIWALAY SA quezon!!! basta sama aku hanggang baguio ha!!!! PINAKAMAGALING PA RIN ANG GINGER!!!