Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Akaw Bloggers

i-write-here by teng. About her trying to stay thin and eventually disappear.
irwinpulp. Mostly song lyrics
balisawsaw by Tikbalang. About eating sandwich without the bread.
meltedsakebottles. by me. My onlike bookmark.

Anymore out there?


jo po ng suklayin said...

Wala lang po. Gustu ku lang sabihing, ayus ang site.

Anonymous said...

... pray ...
i know it's a very catholic/christian answer. (hey, i am catholic). but at that very moment, that's what i decided to do. i did not find the answers right away; most things remained PROBABLYs to me, but at least, i got to spoke to someone - someone whom i have been forgetting to talk to recently - GOD. if there is GOd, then i am not / never alone. and knowing the existence of God leads me back to the essence of my own existence. i am existing because of Him and for Him. and if i could decipher the mystery of how i could exist for Him, then i would no longer be unhappy.

"search, teng."