Friday, November 12, 2004


The United States vs Manuel Querijero, et al. from

Nicolas Galledos, a witness for the Government, testified that in the months of May and June, 1898, while, he, in company with Lucio Quezon, Pedro Quezon, and Serviliano Gomez, were coming from Nueva Ecija to Baler, in the Province of Tayabas, with certain effects which they had bought in San Isidro, they were attacked by a band of armed men under the leadership of Sergeant Carias. In the attacking party were the two appellants. They were taken toward the Malupa River, the property which they had was taken from them, and they were all released except Lucio Quezon and Pedro Quezon, father and son. The attack took place in Baler, where most of the parties lived. A few days afterwards news was received in Baler that Pedro Quezon and Lucio Quezon had been killed by the two appellants. The witness was asked if the persons in the attacking party were agents of the Government, policemen, or soldiers, and answered, no, they were private persons, but that Sergeant Carias had been a sergeant of the civil guard.

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Anonymous said...

Manuel Querijero ba or Quezon? Iba yata ang title at iba ang facts. Pwedeng pakitanong ang source mo kasi hindi malinaw kung ano ang naging kaso ni Manuel Querijero at ano ang kaugnayan niya sa pagpaslang sa mag-amang nababanggit na palagay ko ay ama at kapatid ni Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon. History pa naman ito. Thanks.