Saturday, February 25, 2006

Trees keep falling in Aurora forests

from Trees keep falling in Aurora forests. "ILLEGAL LOGGING activities have remained rampant and unchecked in at least two Aurora towns even on the heels of killer landslides in 2004, a Catholic priest told the Inquirer on Wednesday.Fr. Antonio Evangelista, of the St. Patrick Parish in Dingalan town, said it was through the efforts of the parish pastoral council that policemen and foresters from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources seized 2,221 board feet or 34 pieces of logs loaded in a truck in Barangay Paltic on Monday.Evangelista said the logs were hauled by boat from Barangay Dinakapinisan in San Luis town."

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Anonymous said...

SOOOOO! where is that 'death penalty' for illegal loggers na ipinangangalandakan ninyu nuong una? At least lock them up for an extended time in jail. 20 years at least then people will admire you as not 'BULAAN'. Titibay pa ang career ninyu sa larangan ng politika. HULIHIN NINYU AT IPAG LALAGAY SA KULUNGAN ANG MGA IYAN. Anu pa ang iniintay ninyu?

Anonymous said...

korek at para sa mga taga dingalan....gud job pads toneh!