Friday, February 17, 2006

10th Aurora Surfing Cup Complete Results

Here's the complete results of the surfing cup, shamelessly copied from Kage's blog.

Men's Open:
Champion: Dionisio "Dodo" Espejon, SI
1st Runner-up: Alex "Al-Al"Comandante, SI
2nd Runner-up: Bonifacio "Arkipo" Figuron, SI
3rd Runner-up: Edmund "Django" Mendoza, BA

Junior Division:
Champion: Zaldy Coldura, SI
1st Runner-up: Joe Henry "Pakits" Tena, BA
2nd Runner-up: Joseph "Badok" Antipasado, SI
3rd Runner-up: Jefferson "Jeff" Dela Torre, BA

Wahine/Menehune Division:
Champion: Nildie Blancada, SI
1st Runner-up: Aubrey Namoro, BA
2nd Runner-up: Ella Namoro, BA
3rd Runner-up: Vangie Mendoza, BA


I know you peeps are waiting for more pictures especially the Bb. Aurora pixes. I have them in my CF card waiting to be liberated. But i have tons of other things to do besides taking photos and blogging so you need to calm yourselves for a while. I'll TRY to do the BB Swimsuit Edition today if i get lucky and find a few minutes of free time. And off to the next event I go.....


ymay69 said...

congrats sa lahat ng nanalong taga baler nung surfing cup,lalo na kay jeff dela torre.
kid,more pictures,heheheh..........musta na?

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS sa lahat! lalo kay TOPAKITS! hahahaha.. kay kuya ka pala natalo ay... ayus lang iyun lupit mu pa din "Ketchup".. o, kilala mu na aku anu...