Saturday, September 17, 2005

On The Way to Dicaloyungan

On the way to Dicaloyungan today I took these pictures. For months I was hoping that the rainy season would come because of too much heat. Seeing these and with last year's floods still fresh in my memory, I realized that I wouldn't mind being too hot until December. I take back my wish.

And it's raining here again as I type this.

Kinalapan River to the left.

To the right.

A view of the boats docked near the Kinalapan bridge.

Everytime there's a heavy rain, the shallow canal on the side of this road would overflow and make a crossing bringing along lots of gravel and stuff.

Clean and Green.

The Dicaloyungan River. On a normal day this would only be a trickle.

Rock fall.

Baler this morning, under a pall of gloom.


noel mesina said...

Every year the face of Baler is changing.
I learned to swim in that river. Namamana kami ng hipun ni kumparing Pater dyan.

Dati ang naaanud ay mga puno ng niyug laang, malapit na siguro pati mga tau.

chay said...

akaw namis ko tuloy yang daan na yan jan ako dumadaan araw araw nung najan pa ako kahit paguwi ko sa feb.,nakakamis talaga baler..........